Door Stopper (4 pack)


Looking to buy a door stopper that can hold those doors?

So those doors are just annoying the hell out of you. The kid, baby, dog, cat, draft or wind keeps closing them

Maybe you tried other door stoppers?
90% of doors stoppers don't work, either are too small, have hollow base and simply can't hold the closing doors and just slide under pressure.
And they're ugly and stink too...

Quality Clever Door Stopper helps you stop those doors from closing. 

Our doorstop:
- Works on every surface, yes, tiles floors too
- Is flexible, made of bendable rubber, not plastic so it just grips well and does not slide with the door
- Is a good size to hold even heavy duty door
- It's TALLER than most other stoppers out there

Our stopper is not just different, it works too.

Remember: If you don't love our door stopper, we'll refund you every penny.

P.S. There are 4 in our ECO pack, go on, it's a steal 

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