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Quality Clever is a company started by two Entrepreneurs who wanted to make their workspace nicer, more quiet and easy to work with.

We love working by our (standing) desks in a minimalistic surroundings and getting stuff done :)

We started by slowly eliminating small things that annoyed: slamming doors, people disturbing us when we're "in the zone" or even systematizing  how we share our responsibilities in our co-working space canteen.

Then we took it further and concentrated on our well-being since we spend so much time standing by our desks.

And that's how our current collection grew to few products.Products selection

We wanted to make products "from scratch", not just randomly import stuff and put on our site. No, no. We love design and typography and we design all our products in-house. We introduce new features to the products you know, redesign them or simply just make them work better and look way better than what you would normally buy elsewhere.

Our LogoOur Products are affordable. We've seen lesser quality products selling for outrageously higher prices.
And you can relay on our superstar customer service.
You have some questions or an issue you want to discuss, we're here for you, just get in touch.
We'll respond in less than 24h and give you the attention you deserve.

And lastly, we are a small family business and we care, we care about you, our customers and we really appreciate your business.
We'll make sure you are well taken care of, We promise :) 

Thanks again for visiting our site, we know you will love Quality Clever products.

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