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Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat_FBM

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Badges of Safety

  • SLIDE UNDER DESK SHAPE : Because there is always something in the way
  • HANDLE : Because you are lifting it few times a day
  • HANGER: Because when you switch to sitting, you need to put the mat somewhere
  • SPECIAL GEL FOAM : Because the other standard foams get squashed over time
  • DELIVERED FLAT : Because shipping rolled up mats is just a blasphemy!

  • WILL NEVER SAG, DIMPLE, CRACK, CRUMBLE OR PEEL APART- 100% MONEY BACK LIFETIME WARRANTY. Relax. We're convinced you'll love your new Standing Mat forever. But simply return it for a full refund if you're not satisfied for any reason at any time.
  • NO MORE PAIN FROM STANDING ON THAT HARD FLOOR. We all feel sore feet, back ache, fatique, hurting knees or arthritis discomfort when standing on a hard surface like wood, tile or concrete. Our mat is the easy solution to your nagging problem.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT WITH CONVENIENT HANDLE AND HANGER. Nobody likes to struggle lifting a heavy mat, trying to dig underneath to get a good hold on it, then no place to store it. The handle and hanger make it easy to grab, move and store, without ever touching the floor.
  • FITS PERFECTLY IN YOUR STANDING AREA. It's so annoying and unsightly when you have to roll the edge of your mat up the side of your desk leg or cabinet because it's too big. Ours is the right size and shape to fit exactly where you want to stand.
  • THE MOST COMFORTABLE MEMORY FOAM, PERIOD! Are you constantly shifting your feet trying to get comfortable? Most mats are too hard and have a rough or sticky surface. Ours is undeniably the most comfortable mat, whether in shoes, stockings, sox or bare feet.

Are You Ready to Put That Back Pain, Foot Discomfort and Hurting Knees Behind You? Do You Want The Most Comfortable Mat Available … Period? Do You Want The Convenience of a Mat That's Lightweight, The Perfect Size, and Ideal Shape, All With a Money Back Promise? IF YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING THROUGH PAGES OF LOOK-ALIKE MAT SPECS, BUT THEY WERE ALL EITHER TOO BULKY, UNCOMFORTABLE TO STAND ON, NOT THE RIGHT SHAPE OR DIFFICULT TO PICK UP AND STORE, YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! The Quality Clever Standing Mat is the only one out there that has all of the versatility and features you need:

- Works Great in your Office, Kitchen, Nursery, Workshop, Boat, Garage … Wherever You Stand!

- Overall Dimensions: 29 1/8” (75cm) Wide x 17 1/2” (44cm) Deep (see dimensions image, above left, for detailed dimensions)

- Cutout Shape, Easily Fits Between Desk Legs or Cabinets to Slide Under The Table- Where Your Feet Go.

- Beveled Edges- No Tripping Hazard

- Non-Skid Backing. Won't Move or Creep.

- Lightweight Memory Foam

- Always Ships Flat, So You'll Receive a Pristine Mat That's Ready To Use Right Out Of The Box.</p><p>- Safe: Non-Toxic, Phthalate-Free, BPA-Free, Anti-Microbial.

- Odor Free

- Easy To Clean- Simply Use a Damp Cloth.

LIFETIME WARRANTY. IF YOU'RE NOT SATISFIED WITH YOUR MAT FOR ANY REASON AT ANY TIME SIMPLY RETURN IT FOR A FULL REFUND. We're So Confident That You’ll Love This Mat For a Lifetime, We’re Offering a No Questions Asked Lifetime Warranty.

If You're Ready to Treat Yourself to the Comfort, Versatility and Convenience of Owning a Quality Clever Standing Desk Mat, CLICK THE ADD TO CART BUTTON, and See What Thousands of Other Happy Customers are Experiencing. And Don’t Forget to Pick Up A Second Mat For Your Other Office, Kitchen, Nursery, Workshop, Boat … or As A Gift For That Special Person In Your Life.

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