Squeaky Doors Give Me the Creeps!

Back before all the computer generated graphics and animation, nearly all quality horror flicks had at least one scene where a squeaky door was a harbinger of the terror to come. Perhaps that is why most people are a bit freaked out when a door is squeaky. Perhaps an even scarier thing is when a door catches a breeze going through your home and promptly slams shut causing you to practically jump out of your skin.

While there are many reasons for using a quality door stopper, these are probably a couple that you’ve more than likely dealt with at some point or another. There are other reasons to use door stoppers, however, and a few uses you may not even have thought about.

Using a door stopper is for one of three purposes – keep a door fully open, keep a door closed or keep a door ajar at a precise amount. Most people are familiar with the first option but you just might find occasions to place the door stopper in the other positions as well.

Fully Open – The typical use for a door stopper is to hold a door fully open. This is ideal when you are about to have your arms full carrying items and do not want the door to swing shut on you. Bringing in groceries and other packages from the car is one such time. Another time would be to let in as much fresh air and sunshine as possible on a beautiful day.

Keeping interior doors from slamming or squeaking by putting a door stopper in place keeps you from that scary movie scenario. You might also want to toss one in your travel bag to hold the hotel door open while you are bringing your luggage into the room or again when you are leaving.

Closed – While most exterior doors have locks on them, what happens when you want to secure an interior door? If you need to do so frequently, you could change out the doorknob for a locking one, but that could get costly if you have numerous doors. Having a door stopper you can take from room to room is an ideal cost-effective solution. They are also affordable enough to have a number of them for use throughout your home.

When you want some privacy or some uninterrupted time, use a door stopper to keep others, including pets, from distracting you. The same door stopper you take when traveling to hold open the door can also be used to add an extra level of security by keeping the door closed.

Partially Open – Probably one of the most useful reasons to use a door stopper is when you want a door kept at a specific placement. You can have perfect control this way. Perhaps you want some airflow but need to restrict it or keep a bright sun at bay while doing so. Or, you want some airflow but need to keep the family dog out of a room at the same time.

This would also be a great way to set a door to a room with a litter box and cat food where you want to allow access for your cat but restrict your larger dog from eating the food and getting into the litter.

It would also be a great way for someone that is working from home to signal family members as to whether an interruption is allowed – closed could mean emergencies only, fully open could mean come in anytime, and partially open could signify to disrupt on a limited basis.

Often older homes are not quite as level as they once were due to settling, and keeping doors ajar can be difficult to do. These older doors are usually the ones that squeak too. This may be especially problematic for a nursery or children’s room where you want to have the door open so you can look in when they are napping, but do not want to disturb them.  

About now you are probably thinking that this would all be great if only door stoppers actually worked. It is true that most are constructed so poorly that they are not very effective. They are usually far too small and don’t grip well, especially on smooth floors, and even a moderate breeze will just push them out of the way, not to mention the strength of a dog or a stiff wind.

Luckily there are better ones out there, such as the ones offered by Quality Clever. They have a non-hollow base so will grip strongly on all types of floor surfaces, including tile, hardwood and carpet. In addition, they fit in gaps ranging from .01 inch to 1.5 inches and come with a holder for storing them when not in use. Their decorative look is a definite plus as well.

In our age of high tech this and that, it is nice to know that sometimes the most simple of devices can be such a benefit and make your life much easier. Use them for interior doors, exterior doors and even closet doors to keep them fully open, fully closed or somewhere in between. From avoiding those squeaking and slamming doors, to making it easier to carry an armload of items into your home, having a supply of quality door stoppers is something everyone should consider.