CleverCord Mounted Cable Ties (10 pack)

Clever Solution! I bought these clips to attach to the underside of my desk to cable manage the cords for 4 monitors, 2 keyboards, 2 mice, router, etc. They are really versatile because they can be attached with the included adhesive or with a screw. The hook and loop style cable holder is really convenient because it is easy to add or remove cables. I highly recommend this product.

Damon S.

No more messy, unsightly cables cluttering your office, living room, entertainment center, workshop, bathroom or kitchen. With this 10 pack of cable ties, you can tame your messiest cable problems.

  • USE THEM AROUND YOUR OFFICE, WORKSHOP, GARAGE, KITCHEN OR BATHROOM. Top Of/Under/Side of Desk, TV/Entertainment Systems, On Wall Cable Routing, Network Equipment, Printers/Copiers- everywhere!
  • HOLDS ANY CABLE BUNDLE, SMALL OR LARGE, FIRMLY IN PLACE. Perfect size, 3.25x1.25" (83x32mm), to hold everything from a single USB cable to a bundle of ten thick cables. The Hook & Loop adjusts to fit it perfectly.
  • HOOK & LOOP DESIGN GIVES YOU UNLIMITED REUSE. Did you ever install a zip tie, then have to cut it off just to add or remove a cable? Install these cable ties once, then you have unlimited adds/removes.
  • BUILT-IN 3M DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE, SCREW, OR BOTH. Super easy to use. Illustrated Quick-Reference Guide included.

Hassle-free Installation. Use the built-in 3M Tape, the included screws, or both- you choose. The 3M tape will hold on to any surface. Or if you prefer, use a single screw through the center of the Cable Tie. And if you want to mount it on your wall, our custom-made Quality Clever Fiber-Reinforced Self-Tapping Drywall Anchors are included.

Complete Kit. This set gives you everything you need to manage those cables, cords and wires:

10 Mounted Cable Ties, 3.25x1.25x0.25” (83x32x6.5mm) 1 User’s Guide

Need technical support? Phone and email support is Free, and available 7 days/week.

Color: Black

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Toluene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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