Quality Clever was founded with one purpose:

eliminate things that annoy us in order to function in our ‘space’ with more ease and efficiency. This state of productivity is something we like to call, WorkspaceZen

We started by slowly eliminating small things that annoyed us: slamming doors, people disturbing us when we're "in the zone" or even systematizing how we share our responsibilities in our co-working space canteen.

Then we took it further and concentrated on our well-being since we spend so much time standing by our desks and in our 'space'.

The average person spends at least 9 hours a day in their 'space' (a ‘space’ could be considered one’s home office, corporate office, kitchen, entertainment room, or workshop).

And that's how our current collection grew to more and more products. 

Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to creating innovative products with unique and useful features so your ‘space’ can be clutter-free, functional, and simply fun to be in.

So it's quite simple, really. We make Quality Products from Clever Solutions so you can achieve your version of Workspace Zen.

Thanks for visiting our site and letting us share our story with you. We know you will love Quality Clever products and we hope to be hearing from you soon.

- The Quality Clever Team 


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