t5 Workspace Hacks For Getting Stuff Done
How working in Peace and Quiet makes you more productive

Entrepreneurs shared their best workspace tips

  • Eliminate random noise distraction. Banging doors, loud clock ticking can affect you more than you think.
  • Tell others to leave you alone. You have stuff to do, your family or colleagues can wait. Don't be afraid to tell them to leave you alone.
  • Set goals and make to do list. Make sure your tasks list is aligned with your goal and your goal with your dream.
  • Tidy up your desk. Paper sheets, pens everywhere? Tangled cables staring at you? We are more influenced by it than you might suspect.
  • Take scheduled breaks. How can you work at peace when you have a lower back pain?
5 tips

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Are the huge headphones the only way to get some peace and quiet?

“The whole idea of a quiet and tidy workspace is, that entrepreneurs and working people shouldn’t be slaves of muting apps and headphones, is what I really believe in,” said Martin, the CEO of Quality Clever, designer and entrepreneur who’s pared down his own range of products to a few items. Three of them are from his new line called #WorkSpaceZen.

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