J Channel Cable Raceway System


Cable Management Solution for Desk, Office, Kitchen or Workshop, Includes Couplers to Cover Gaps and Solution for Power Blocks and Outlet Strips.

  • NOBODY OFFERS YOU THIS MANY RACEWAYS FOR THIS LOW PRICE, SAVES YOU MONEY! (6) 16.7" Raceways, (7) Tape Strips, (1) Power Block Holder, (1) Inside Elbow, (1) Outside Elbow, (1) 90° Flat Elbow, (1) 270° Flat Elbow, (12) Screws, and (12) Drywall Anchors
  • ATTRACTIVE COUPLERS COVER GAPS AND SEAMS. Patent Pending Feature, Cover Those Unsightly Gaps- Especially in the Corners
  • INCLUDES A SOLUTION FOR MOUNTING POWER BLOCKS AND POWER STRIPS. Patent Pending Features, Hold Power Blocks up to 1.2” Thick x 6.25” Long, Customizable J-Channel Front Cutout for Power Strips
  • EXTRA STRENGTH EXTRA WIDTH DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE. Securely Holds Raceways In Place Permanently. Screws and Drywall Anchors Also Included for Alternative Mounting Options
  • NON-LOCKING FOR EASY ACCESS. Gives You Complete Flexibility to Add/Remove/Change Cables, Also Allows Cable Entry/Exit at Any Point Along the Raceway

No more messy, unsightly cables cluttering your office, living room, entertainment center or kitchen. With this kit, you can tame your messiest cable problems.

Unique, Patent Pending Features Give You the Complete Solution and Maximum Flexibility Only Offered by Quality Clever. Nobody else is offering Couplers to cover those gaps and seams, and “complete the look” of your J-Channel system. You also need to put those power blocks, large connectors and power strips somewhere. Why not use the totally unique, built-in features of your Quality Clever J-Channel System to seamlessly integrate those components into your cable management solution?

This is the Only Complete J Channel Solution on the Market.

Included in the Set:

6 J-Channel Cable Raceways (16.7”L)
1 Power Block Holder, Holds Blocks up to 1.2” x 6.25” (30x160mm)
7 Double Sided Adhesive Tapes (16”L x 1.8”W)
6 Straight Couplers
1 90° Flat Elbow Coupler
1 270° Flat Elbow Coupler
1 Inside Corner Elbow Coupler
1 Outside Corner Elbow Coupler
12 Screws, Size M3.5, 1”
12 Drywall Anchors
1 Install Guide (paper)

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