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Are you ready to deal with those pets, wind drafts and other annoyances that move your doors when you want them to stay in place? Do you want the most stylish, modern looking Door Stopper available? Do you want the one that's ergonomically designed for stability so you can simply toss it by the door, move and wedge in place with your foot, then easily grab it without touching the floor to remove it?

All Door Stoppers are not the same. Most of them out there are either rounded in the back- making it difficult to move where you want it, too short, made of cheap hard rubber with hollow bottoms that crack and crumple, or just plain ugly. The Quality Clever Tall Rubber Door Stopper is different. It solves those problems, with all of the features that you want:

- 1.6" Tall with a Zero-Edge, adjusts to fit all door gaps

- Non-Slide, sticks to any type of floor surface- Wood, Laminate, Tile, Carpet, Concrete

- Solid Base, not hollow, and Perfectly Weight Balanced to conform to uneven floor surfaces. Easily holds Heavy Doors

- Stable- will never fall over on its side

- Heavy Duty, Industrial Grade Soft Rubber will last a lifetime

- Ergonomic Shape. Concave in the back so you can easily move it where you want it, without having to bend down. The "wing" on the top makes it easy to grab when you want to pick it up.

- Includes an attractive Hanger with 3M Tape. Stick it to the back of your door, the wall, or molding, and you'll always have a place to effortlessly store your Doorstop, making it Clutter Free!

WILL NEVER SAG, CRACK, BLEMISH, LOSE ITS SHAPE or FAIL TO HOLD YOUR DOORS- 100% MONEY BACK LIFETIME WARRANTY. We're sure you'll love your new Door Stopper, but simply return it for a full refund if you're not satisfied for any reason at any time.

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