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Cable Cover Organizer Kit

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Badges of Safety

  • 12 x RACEWAYS : More than any other set out there
  • SCREWS & TAPE : You decide how to mount it
  • MORE CONNECTORS : 4 x L-Shape, 12 x Straight, 1 x Inside Elbow, 1 x Outside Elbow, 1 x Three way connector
  • FITS MORE CABLES : 28mm x 18mm inside channel space
  • TAPE MOUNT is OPTIONAL : Don't want to risk your wall? Use the screws. Tape strips come separate (included) and are not pre-applied to the raceways

  • NOBODY OFFERS YOU THIS MANY RACEWAYS & COUPLERS IN ONE KIT FOR THIS LOW PRICE, SAVES YOU MONEY! 12- 16.7" Raceways w/Tape, 19 Couplers, 28 Screws/Anchors, 12 Cable Clips, 6 Anti-Slump Strips. PLUS you can order separate Couplers- no need to buy another full Kit just to finish your project.
  • NO MEASURING/NO DRILLING EASY LAYOUT AND INSTALL. Patent Pending design! Just draw a center line- the Raceways and Couplers have built-in locator notches showing you where to cut and place your Raceways.
  • PERFECT SIZE, FITS ALL YOUR CABLES. Most others are either too small to fit all your cables or look ridiculously HUGE on your wall. This is the perfect size. Pack it full of cables then use the Clips to hold them in place and easily close the covers.
  • EXCLUSIVE FEATURES GUARANTEE YOUR PROJECT SUCCESS. The other guys don't tell you that closing their Raceways takes 4 hands, and your vertical runs will slump from gravity. Ours comes with Clips to hold cables in place, and a solution to prevent slump.
  • PRE-CUT EXTRA STRENGTH TAPE AND/OR SCREWS- YOU CHOOSE. PAINTABLE. EASILY CUT TO-LENGTH SECTIONS. Newly upgraded Double-Sided Tape comes in Pre-Cut Strips. Screws and Drywall Anchors. Paintable (no priming), though no need to paint if white matches your walls. Easy to follow step-by-step Installation Instructions.


        Get some Workspace Zen! No more messy, unsightly cables cluttering your office, living room, entertainment center or kitchen. With this kit, you can tame your messiest cable problems.

        Patent Pending Design. Hassle-free Installation. We’ve done hundreds of installs so we know all of the tricks to make yours quick and easy. Download your copy of the User Guide for step-by-step instructions along with tips for dealing with the toughest challenges- how to easily close overstuffed Raceways, Eliminating “Cover Slump” on vertical sections, swing joints, running Raceway over uneven surfaces and more. Phone and email support is Free, and available 7 days/week.

        Complete Kit. This set gives you the most Raceway Sections and Couplers out there. Our premium quality cable organizer kit contains:

        • 12 Cable Raceways (16.7”L x 1.2”W x 0.75”D) 
        • 12 Double Sided Adhesive Tapes (16”L x 1”W) 
        • 28 Screws, Size #6 x 1” (M3.5 x 25mm)
        • 28 Drywall Anchors
        • 12 Straight Couplers
        • 4 Flat Elbow Couplers
        • 1 Inside Corner Elbow Coupler
        • 1 Outside Corner Elbow Coupler
        • 1 Tee Coupler
        • 12 Cable Clips for Easy Cover Closure without a Second Pair of Hands
        • 6 Slump Eliminator Tapes
        • 1 Quick Reference Guide (paper)

        Need just a few accessories to complete your project? Just call or email us. We'll be happy to send them out to you free of charge.

        If you're ready to own the Cable Concealer Kit that gives you the most number of Raceways/Couplers/Accessories, provides you the easiest install process, and looks great, click Add To Cart now! 



        Badges of Safety

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