PivyCord-V Flexible Raceway Cable Management System for Variable Height Desks/Tables

  • PROTECTS AND HIDES YOUR CABLES IN A COMPACT ‘S’ SHAPE FLEXIBLE RACEWAY; MOVES WITH YOUR DESK or TABLE: Ensures a minimum 1.9 inch (48mm) Bend Radius at all times at all points on the Raceway
  •  TUCKS YOUR CABLES NEATLY BEHIND YOUR DESK LEG; LOOKS GREAT & GIVES YOU PEACE OF MIND: No more rat’s nest of cables everywhere; No more unruly vertebrae chains flopping all over the floor and creating an ugly tripping hazard
  •  WORKS WITH ALL VARIABLE HEIGHT DESKS & TABLES: All Materials- Wood, Composite, Glass, Metal, Granite; Desk Height Range of 48 inches (raised position) to 20 inches (lowered position)
  •  FITS ALL OF YOUR CABLES; EASY ADDS & CHANGES: 1.2 x 0.6 inch Raceway Opening; Simple Snap Open and Push to Re-Close Chain Latches for Easy Cable Adds & Removals
  •  EASY TO INSTALL. All Hardware Included; Easy Installation Instructions with Video; Kit includes 4 CleverCord Mounted Cable Ties and 10 CleverCord Cable Wrap Ties

Get some Workspace Zen! No more messy cables hanging all over the sides and underneath your Sit/Stand Desk or Table.

Before PivyCord, there simply was no effective solution for securing/routing/protecting your cables, and keeping your workspace neat, clean and free from tripping and snagging hazards.

PivyCord-V solves all of those nagging issues with Sit/Stand Variable-Height Desks. The Patent Pending PivyChain forms a compact ‘S’ shape that protects and hides your cables, cords and wires, ensuring that they maintain a healthy minimum bend radius of 1.9 inches over the full desk height range. It mounts perfectly behind your desk leg. The Supermagnet Brackets make installation a snap. PivyCord-V works with all desk/table materials, and includes all of the mounting hardware as well as 10 CleverCord Cable Wrap Ties and 4 CleverCord Mounted Cable Ties to secure and route your cable bundles around your desk.

Kit includes:

  • 1 PivyCord Chain with NeoDymium Mounting Brackets
  • 1 Complete Mounting Hardware Kit
  • 1 Screwdriver (for Opening Chain Latches)
  • 4 CleverCord Mounted Cable Ties
  • 10 Cable Wrap Ties, 6.5” x 0.5”, Reusable Hook & Loop
  • 1 Install Guide (paper)
  • Install Video (link)

 Product Specifications:

  • Desk/Table Vertical Travel Range = 20” ~ 48” (51 ~ 127cm)
  • Magnetic Bracket Holding Force = 25 lbs (12kg)
  • Cycle Life = 500,000 cycles up/down
  • Minimum Bend Radius = 1.9” (48mm)
  • Cable Raceway Opening Size = 1.2” x 0.6” (30 x 15mm)
  • Max Connector Width (Cable ends must be passed through the center hole in the Pivy Chain for installation) = 1.3” (33mm)
  • Desk Material Types Supported = Any

If you're ready to own the complete Cable Management Solution for Your Variable-Height Desk that offers tons of unique features, provides you the easiest install process, and looks great, click Add To Cart now! And don’t forget that PivyCord makes a great gift for that Sit/Stand Desk user in your life- PivyCord-V for Variable-Height Sit/Stand Desks, and PivyCord-C for Standing Desk Converters.

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