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Magnetic Dishwasher Clean/Dirty Sign With Built in Bottle Opener, Black & White Rubber, 2.75"

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Badges of Safety

  • MAGNET + BOTTLE OPENER : 2 uses in one product, we made this dishwasher sign actually useful
  • CLEAN or DIRTY : Clear message for those who constantly open and close the dishwasher door
  • QUALITY FINISH : 3D raised lettering non slip rubber - Not just your ordinary flat plastic disc
  • MAGNET INSIDE : Our dishwasher sign comes with 2 strong covered magnets, strong hold - no scratching
  • NON MAGNETIC DOORS ? : No Problem, use our neat Metal Plate instead. Stick the plate on the door and Magnet will work a treat

* Stays Put Till You Change It: Cheap signs switch from clean to dirty every time you brush past them, leaving you questioning their accuracy. Quality Clever signs hold tight until you change them.

* Won't Scratch Your Dishwasher: Durable rubber coating covers an industrial-strength magnet and protects your dishwasher. Won't chip your tile if it's dropped, either.

* Matches Any Décor: Contemporary black-and-white design is a fit for any kitchen, and can easily be seen on any color appliance. 

* Works on Stainless Steel Dishwashers: No more settling for flimsy suction cup signs. Simply attach the included adhesive-backed disc to your dishwasher for instant magnetism.

* Cleverly Concealed Bottle Opener: No need to rummage through a drawer for your bottle opener. Your dishwasher sign has one built in, so it's always close at hand.

    Never add dirty dishes to a clean load again. With its industrial-strength magnet and rubber coating, this sign attaches to any dishwasher without scratching. Plus it houses a handy bottle opener.

    If you've ever re-washed a load of clean dishes or put a dirty load away in the cupboard, then you know how frustrating it can be to keep track of the status of your dishwasher. That's why so many dishwasher "hacks" and signs exist.

    The trouble is, most sliding signs are too easy to change. Just brush against them and they flip from dirty to clean and back again. Flimsy suction cups and light-duty magnets simply don't hold, and you find them on the floor more often than on the dishwasher.

     Quality Clever signs are different. With industrial-strength magnets housed in scratch-preventing rubber, there's no worry about accidentally changing the status of your dishwasher. Not only that, but the black-and-white design is a clear indicator even from a distance, and matches virtually any décor, too.

    Curious toddlers in the house? Stick the included adhesive-backed metal plate to an upper cabinet and place your clean/dirty sign there. You'll know the status of your dishes without having to wonder if little fingers have changed the sign. It even works on non-magnetic dishwashers.

    An Added Bonus: Your clean/dirty sign has a built-in bottle opener.


    * 2.75-inch diameter

    * Rubber-coated magnet

    * Bottle opener on back

    * Adhesive-backed metal plate for non-magnetic appliances

    * Black & white

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    Badges of Safety

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